2009 In Review

This has been quite a year. There were some amazing highlights—like the birth of our daughter Mae and my move to PatientsLikeMe—but also a lot of crap. I’m definitely welcoming 2010 with open arms and optimism.

But this post is for documenting 2009. So, I’m going to throw some lists at you—everything from most viewed posts to most-listened-to music. Happy New Year!

Most Viewed Posts in 2009

  1. Google Transit Comes Through: Best Customer Service EVER: Yeah, this post again. I wrote this at SXSW in 2007. Even in 2009, it brought in 4.5 times the eyeballs of my next most popular post.
  2. How To Use Twitter and Not Be a Douchebag: How’s that for a linkbait title? This one generated some good discussion in the comments.
  3. My Favorite CSS Techniques: This is probably my favorite blog post I’ve written. I’ve developed some new chops since then… perhaps it’s time for a “Volume 2”. This is a 2008 post that made it on the 2009 list.
  4. The Blog is the New Resume: This one’s from 2007 and still generates a good amount of traffic. My most-commented post ever.
  5. Using Fluid.app to Bring Google Reader for iPhone to your Desktop: Wow, another from 2008. I guess I didn’t write many posts this year that got eyeballs. In fact, only one of my eight most viewed posts this year were actually written this year. Which leads me to another list:

Most Viewed Posts in 2009 that were actually written in 2009

  1. How To Use Twitter and Not Be a Douchebag: 2009′s greatest hit.
  2. Emphasized Links: What comes first, the a or the strong?: My blogging shifted to geekier markup & style observations, tips, and tricks. I’m happier with the content, but the eyeballs dipped significantly. I think it’s quality over quantity, though.
  3. Stop iPhone from (Incorrectly) Auto-Linking Phone Numbers: You know, if you have this problem. I love the Edgar Martinez shoutout here.
  4. Fluid Images (and How to Make Them Look Nice in Internet Explorer 6 & 7): Nice little trick if you’re doing some fluid design.
  5. The New MacBook: On the lack of FireWire and what that means for Migration Assistant: Seriously, people read this one?

And some that nobody read, but I wish they had

  1. Selective Degradation of Modern CSS for Internet Explorer: Come on people, selective degradation? Cross-browser web development? This is good stuff!
  2. Why Text on the Web is Getting Smaller: Short but sweet post. I loved this one.
  3. From One Great Organization to Another: Moving on to PatientsLikeMe: One of my big news stories of the year—gotta include this one.
  4. The Heart of the Redesign: CSS Pseudo-elements: I had a big redesign this year and this post documented the main theme—pseudo-elements!
  5. Transparent Window App: Using Fluid.app to Compare Mockup and Markup: The few people that understood this trick thought it was pretty sweet. Good enough for me.

Finally, my favorites from the BatchBlue Blog

I used to blog quite a bit for BatchBlue. Here are my three favorite posts of 2009 over there.

  1. Life by Design: The difficult one where I let the BatchBook user base know I was moving on.
  2. With Each Sticker, a Story: I love this one. When I got a new laptop, I told the story behind each sticker on my old one.
  3. 5 Things for the Small Business Owner to Look For in a Web Development Agency: Too often I see small businesses with sites that were poorly built. This post was meant to help this a little.

User stats

Here are some numbers about the folks visiting this here blog in 2009:

Browser usage

  1. Firefox (73.7%)
  2. Safari (9.7%)
  3. Internet Explorer (9.0%)
  4. Chrome (4.8%)

Operating system usage

  1. Windows (67.4%)
  2. Mac OS (25.6%)
  3. Linux (5.2%)
  4. iPhone (1.2%)

My year in music

I listen to a ton of music while I work, play, blog, dance with my babies, etc. Here are some stats about the music:

Most-listened to artists on Last.fm

  1. Mogwai (616)
  2. Teenage Fanclub (551)
  3. Rogue Wave (476)
  4. Yo La Tengo (439)
  5. MGMT (407)
  6. The Airborne Toxic Event (406)
  7. SteveSongs (326)

And the most-listened-to track of 2009 was “Time to Pretend” by MGMT. That one gets double credit for being on the Oracular Spectacular LP and the Time to Pretend EP, both of which received heavy airplay from me this year.

Best new album

Gotta go with the eponymous album from The Airborne Toxic Event. Really dig that one. Yo La Tengo, Silversun Pickups, Metric, and Doves all had excellent albums.

Late-to-the-party album

The best album I finally discovered in 2009 that was released before this year was Oracle Spectacular by MGMT (from 2008). I was also quite impressed with Etiquette by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (which is from 2006).

Once again, Happy New Year!

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