I’m Now Writing for Beyond the Box Score

Me! On Beyond the Box Score!

I used to blog a little bit about baseball on this site. In order to keep the focus here more on tech (and to encourage myself to write more about baseball), I launched another site, BaseballTwit, just for my baseball obsession in late 2008. I also launched a companion Twitter account: @baseballtwit.

A bit over a year later, I have to admit that BaseballTwit is my favorite place to blog. I love writing about catchers, relief pitchers, and especially my new favorite stat, Wins Above Replacement (WAR).

Now, in addition to writing at BaseballTwit, I’ll be writing for my favorite baseball blog—Beyond the Box Score. Beyond the Box Score (@BtBScore on Twitter). A great deal of baseball research focuses on projecting future performance. I like analyzing the past, comparing players across eras, making Hall of Fame debates, etc.

This past weekend, my first post went up. I drew them in with Alex Rodriguez, then quickly went all 19th century on them, talking about Cap Anson. The post is called “Inevitable in 2010: Alex Rodriguez and 100 WAR” and discusses the fact that Alex Rodriguez will not only leapfrog Anson into the Top 20 all time in career WAR (for hitters), but he’ll also be the 20th hitter to reach 100 WAR for a career. I then talk about how remarkable Anson’s total is, given he played exclusively in the 1800s and dealt with smaller schedules, league volatility, and—quite frankly—a life expectancy (at the time) not much higher than his final playing age.

There’s no set schedule for when I’ll write, but I’ll try to stay on a somewhat weekly schedule. I have to say, I’m really enjoying the new gig! The first post already generated quite a few interesting comments. What will I write about next? Let’s see… the post will discuss a pool of 14 players that includes Ken Griffey, Scott Rolen, Mike Cameron, and Eric Chavez (among others). Care to guess?

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