The Flood of March 2010

In the last day and a half, we’ve gotten somewhere between six and ten inches of rain. That’s a lot of flippin’ rain. Today has been incredibly stressful—running around the basement, trying anything to keep water from destroying our newly finished basement. We did take a little time today to observe the magnitude of what was going on around us, though. I took some photos and video and figured I’d share.

This river was in our backyard this morning (and most of the day). A little brook up the street overflowed and just sent water gushing down the street and through yards. So, this water had a pretty impressive current going since it started up the street a ways.

First, here’s the brook that overflowed up the street and triggered the flooding.


And here’s a still of “the river” as seen behind our neighbor’s garage.


Here’s a still further down the river in our backyard. See that little playhouse behind the swingset? That started off in the grass-burned square closest to the camera. Yeah, it went a real long way.


Here’s a closeup of our new castle/slide thingie. This huge and extremely heavy contraption was moved a good 30 feet by the current.


In the end of the video above, I showed the river rushing through our neighbors’ backyards towards a street below. We went for a walk to check out that street. First, here’s our neighbor’s kids playing in a waterfall created by the river.


Lastly, here’s the water at the bottom of the hill, all collecting in one convenient lake. They closed Read Street for most of the day today.


We also shot some video while down there:

I’ve definitely never seen as much rain as I saw today.

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  1. On March 30th, 2010 at 10:57 pm Eric said:

    Wow, those are some crazy pictures. Hope your basement makes it through ok Adam!