I Drafted Craig Henry

With the news of yet another awesome Dribbble shot by Craig Henry, I just had to get this out there…

Craig Henry activity screen

There isn’t much out there in social media that’s new anymore. If you’re not familiar with Dribbble, it can be summed up as a Twitter for designers. Instead of “what are you doing, in 140 characters or less?” it’s “what are you working on, in 400×300 pixels or less?”. It’s awesome. I like it.

Dribbble has some common social networking features like following, commenting, and liking. But it differs from other social networks in one very interesting way—it’s not open. You need to be invited—or “drafted”—into Dribbble. Keeping with the basketball theme, there “leaderboards” of the most followed users on Dribbble. I’ll never make that list. There was a time in my life where I might have tried to make that list. But that’s not happening now.

But I’ll always have this—I drafted Craig Henry into Dribbble. And the site has recorded it. To me, I am one of the most successful Dribbble scouts.

Here’s the complete list of my “draftees” (I love that they track this):

As you can see, Craig is developing quite a following. He’s won contests on Dribbble… he’s sold prints because of Dribbble… he’s basically in the running for Rookie of the Year. And like a pro basketball scout, with every bit of success he achieves, I smile a bit.

Make sure you check out Craig’s work on Dribbble. It is quite remarkable. Feel free to check out mine while you’re at it. Oh, and if you want to keep an eye on another up-and-comer with a great outside shot who is cool under pressure, make sure you check out another one of my draftees—Chris Gillis.

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