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Status: Under development.


The Resource for Cognitive Enginnering and Systems Engineering (TRACE-SE) is the first site at Aptima that I have been able to implement much of what I have learned about Social Media. The site is a community of practice for the cognitive systems engineering community.

My Role

My role for TRACE-SE is both that of web designer and developer as well as social media strategist. TRACE-SE is currently in Phase II of the DOD SBIR process. We were able to win Phase II because in Phase I, we delivered a compelling, fully-functioning prototype of the site. I chose WordPress as the platform so that the main site content could be delivered via RSS on a blog.

In Phase II, I have expanded upon the WordPress platform to include many more features. Interviews and tutorials with industry experts will be delivered via podcasts. Contributors will be rewarded via a user rating system. Lastly, a training program will be included on the site. This cognitive systems engineering curriculum will have a social aspect where users can contribute in order to expand the scope of the training. I like to call this the “wikiriculum”.

What You Can See

This project is still under development, so the actual site is behind a firewall. Here’s what you can see.