Ted Williams Memorial League

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Ted Williams Memorial League

Status: Live and evolving.


It is always difficult to give a short summary of what the Ted Williams Memorial League (TWML) is. First of all, this is a side project… a hobby. However, it also happens to be my sandbox where I try out new technologies before bringing them into my work life.

The TWML is a baseball simulation league. The difference between sim baseball and fantasy baseball is enormous. Fantasy baseball relies on the schedule and statistics of Major League Baseball. Sim baseball takes a starting point that correlates with Major League Baseball (in our case, 2000) and then builds its own alternate reality. Our league progresses over multiple seasons, at our own desired pace (for example, we played fifteen seasons in the league’s first four years), and with computer-generated rookies that the software produces (so over time, our league is becoming more and more fictional). 24 owners across North America take part, and we’ve been doing this since October of 2002.

Through this league, I have been able to experiment with web design, web development, PHP/MySQL coding, podcasting, video blogging, and forum administration.

My Role

In this case, pretty much everything.

What You Can See

For this project, lots of things.